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Reduction of internal manual transport of by-products … HYTT

Fruit & Vegetables

How waste is transported determines the value of the waste…… HYTT

Fish & Seafood

A significant reduce of cross contamination … HYTT

HYTT Hygienic Transport systems & Technologies

HYTT is specialized in collection and conveying of different types of materials, ranging from by-products to final (edible) products. The high-end vacuum solutions are suitable for food production lines and professional kitchens. The pipe-systems are scalable to match the customer needs. They provide an increase in hygiene, a high-performance, a significant reduce of cross contamination and improved safety while addressing the challenges of sustainable construction, resource efficiency and durability.

HYTT Transport systems can be implemented in new or existing plants for slaughterhouses for pork and  beef, poultry-, vegetable-, and fish processing plants, professional kitchens and other industries.

HYTT employees play a large part in the success of the company. Their long term experience in the food industry, technical competence and motivation are the basis for the implementation of the HYTT values entrepreneurial spirit, dedication, partnership and humanity in the course of their daily work. Individual skills contribute to our joint success as team for further growth of HYTT.

Hygienic Transport systems for the food industry

an efficient hygienic way to transport